Shambhala Music Festival 2017 – 20th Anniversary

And I’m back with another one!

This post will be about my event of the summer / my only holiday booked off / my sole reason for saving up money, Shambhala Music Festival!!

If I recall, my very first post on my blog was my 2015 Shambhala experience! Ah, how time has flown! Been doing this blogging biz for 2 years… I wonder what the next 2 years will bring 😌

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Phillips Backyard Weekender July. 7th – 9th

Hey guys! The last long weekend of the summer is drawing to a close and I thought, “I better upload those blogs before I’m overwhelmed with too much to do.”

So, be prepared for a barrage of posts! 😛 Now, onto our first of many events of the summer.

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Contact Winter Festival 2016

This year marks my fourth Contact! I feel like a veteran by now, having gone to EDC and Shambhala in the last two years also.

All ages shows always makes me feel extra old 😅

Onto the outfits of course! Raves are where I feel truly at home and able to express myself with any judgement. And even if they do judge, I’m having too much fun to care! ✌💗🙏👊

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