Summer Social Series: Harvest Dinner @ Woodwynn Farms

Hey guys! Back in the new year for a new post! Except it’s February, so it’s not really that new and I’m posting something that happened last summer 😅

No matter! I still really wanted to post this as it is something I hold near and dear. I was fortunate enough to attend a dinner at Woodwynn farms last summer and I want to showcase its owner and legacy.

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Shambhala Music Festival 2017 – 20th Anniversary

And I’m back with another one!

This post will be about my event of the summer / my only holiday booked off / my sole reason for saving up money, Shambhala Music Festival!!

If I recall, my very first post on my blog was my 2015 Shambhala experience! Ah, how time has flown! Been doing this blogging biz for 2 years… I wonder what the next 2 years will bring 😌

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Phillips Backyard Weekender July. 7th – 9th

Hey guys! The last long weekend of the summer is drawing to a close and I thought, “I better upload those blogs before I’m overwhelmed with too much to do.”

So, be prepared for a barrage of posts! 😛 Now, onto our first of many events of the summer.

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The Quarry

Hey guys! Back with another sweet shindig post lol

Awhile back, my friends invited me to go to the quarry by Shawnigan Lake. It is endearingly nicknamed “The Quarry” by locals.

I was ecstatic to go as I had seen and heard many wonderful things about it.

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Port Renfrew: Botanical Beach

Hello everyone! Onto the next one! 😄

The next day we rose nice and early for our hike to Botanical Beach. We wanted to make sure tides were low so that the tide pools were easily accessible.

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Cobble Hill Cottage

Hey everyone! It’s been a quick minute since my last blog. But I’m back again with another travel post!

Eric and I wanted a quick weekend getaway so we looked at surrounding areas on the island. We opted for Cobble Hill, so see what we had in store!

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Contact Winter Festival 2016

This year marks my fourth Contact! I feel like a veteran by now, having gone to EDC and Shambhala in the last two years also.

All ages shows always makes me feel extra old 😅

Onto the outfits of course! Raves are where I feel truly at home and able to express myself with any judgement. And even if they do judge, I’m having too much fun to care! ✌💗🙏👊

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