Donnie Darko 👯

Two posts in one day I’m on a roll!… In fact, I’m just trying to catch up 😅

On 2009’s Halloween, I dressed up as a Playboy Bunny and I really wanted to revisit the costume. Instead of a classic pin-up feel, I sought to revamp the outfit as Gothic, dark, alternative; basically drawing inspiration from the Donnie Darko bunny 🐰 Continue reading Donnie Darko 👯

Birthday Post 👑

A month has passed since my birthday, but I figured I should post. Better late than never, in lieu of it almost being a month since Halloween has passed (I need to make a post for that too)! Eep!

I turned a quarter century on October 18th and came back to Vancouver to celebrate the date! My friends and I rented a limo downtown to check out AlunaGeorge’s show @ Celebrities Nightclub. Continue reading Birthday Post 👑

Shambhala 2015

Got to experience my first Shambhala! Finally recovered from a weekend of fun, friends and fangirling 😛

Got to check out Skrillex, Zomboy and Zed’s Dead for the first time and I was blown away.

But of course I’m just here to show off my outfits! Continue reading Shambhala 2015


Decided to finally start a blog. I used to have a xanga, livejournal and an fc2 blog as well.

Figured I should update with the times. I will be covering my daily life, ramblings, fashion, art, music and other interests.

Look forward to sharing with the world!